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What if I forget my password?

Click on Login, then click Forgot Password link and follow the prompts.

Is there a cost to use MaximusJobs.com?

There is no cost for Job Seekers to sign up, post resumes or search for jobs. Employers pay competitive fees to post available jobs and search our database of Job Seekers. Employers and other third parties with Ohio jobs to fill may also choose to purchase display advertisements.

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Job Seekers

Why should I use an Ohio jobs site if I am already on a national jobs site?

MaximusJobs.com has the advantage of being focused specifically on providing jobs in Ohio to Ohio-area job seekers. Many of our employers are looking for local people to fill their local jobs, so you can find a job closer to where you live. Don't risk being in the wrong place at the right time. Open your free account here now.

I live in a neighboring state close to Ohio. May I use this site?

Absolutely! While MaximusJobs.com focuses on Ohio job listings, we also have many listings for jobs in your area.

Does the site have full-time jobs?

Yes. Our Employers are seeking full-time employees in every field and with many different levels of experience, skill and education.

I just want a part-time job or internship with full-time opportunities later. Can you help me?

Yes. We have listings for part-time jobs and internships as well. Many of these jobs are intended to develop into full-time career opportunities.

How long will it take me to find a job?

Each case is different, but we do know for certain that the longer you wait to begin your job search, the longer it will take – so sign up and post your resume today!

How do I post my resume?

Click on Post Resume on the homepage and follow the simple steps. You can either complete our brief Career Summary, or copy and paste your existing resume onto our site.

Can I upload my existing resume?

We will soon be adding that option. For now, you can copy and paste your resume onto our site or complete our Career Summary form.

Will employers be able to search and find my resume?

If you select "Make my resume searchable by Employers" on the Post Resume page, employers will be able to search for and find your resume. If you are still drafting your resume and you don't want it to be seen by employers yet, simply uncheck the box.

How many resumes may I create or post?

You may post up to 5 resumes at a time. If you want to post an additional resume, you will need to delete one.

Will my information be available to online marketers and solicitors?

No. We do not sell email or other information to other sites. Please read our Privacy Statement for complete details.

How do I contact an Employer who offers me a job?

You may apply online by sending your resume to the Employer through the website. Employers will receive an email whenever a Job Seeker submits a resume online to the employer.

Can I contact the Employer directly?

You may contact the employer offline as well. Job Seekers are not required to submit their resumes via our site, but it is certainly a convenience for you.

How will I know when an Employer is interested in me?

Employers will contact jobseekers offline through the contact information that appears on your resume.

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I am an Employer; do I pay to use this site?

Yes. Employers pay a cost-effective fee to post jobs or browse our rich selection of resumes even without placing a specific job posting. Job posting includes a management system to monitor posts and submitted resumes.

What advantage do you offer over the national site I now use?

We target top qualified Job Seekers who are available for work in Ohio, and we charge a very competitive fee for you to find them. National sites do not offer our local focus, nor do they offer our competitive rates. Additionally, MaximusJobs.com leverages the nearly four decades of human resources and staffing experience of our founding company, Minute Men, Inc., to connect people with their ideal jobs.

How do I post my job opportunity?

Enter the Employer section from the Home Page and follow the easy prompts to post a job, or set up an account for Resume Browse. Register for an account, and you can manage your posts and searches. You may also include your logo in your job post.

How do I pay for the service I want?

You may pay with your credit card using our secure network. Employers with large numbers of listings and/or multiple companies/divisions to manage may seek other payment arrangements by reaching us through our Contact Us link.

How do I avoid having my company associated with personal service advertisements or online work-at-home promotions?

We review job postings and do not use work-at-home promotions or personal service jobs. Please review our Terms of Use section.

Can I avoid revealing my company name or locations in my post?

Yes. Employers may screen their applicants by merely describing the job and not listing the specific company. Applications will come to you, and you can contact the Jobseekers you choose.

Can I link my web site to my job post?

No. We do not allow outside web links within the posts. You may want to consider using a Display Advertisement to link to your company website.

If I have an Employer account, but I also want to seek a job, can I use the same Employer account?

No, you will need to create a separate Jobseeker account. Click the Sign Up link on the homepage and sign up as a Jobseeker.

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Display Advertisers

What is the difference between a job post and a display advertisement?

A Job Post allows Employers to show details of a specific job and its required skills, education and/or experience. A Display Ad allows an Employer, Business-to-Business Service or Consumer Service and Products provider to reach our dynamic marketplace by placing an advertisement on our website. The ad may include a link to the advertiser's website.

Can I use both a Job Post and a Display Ad?

Yes. Some Employers want to bring wide marketplace attention to their company as well as use Job Posts for specific jobs they have available.

Can I link to my site from a Display Ad on your site?

Yes. Links can be built into Display Advertisements.

Must I provide final art for my ad?

We can use your art that fits our specifications or we can assist you in developing your Display Advertisement for a modest additional fee. Either way, click on Buy an Ad in the Employers menu or the footer to get started.

Can my advertising agency arrange the Display Ads for me?

Yes, we work with advertising agencies and recognize agency commissions.

How do I arrange for a Display Ad?

Either you or your advertising agency can use the Buy an Ad link or Contact Us form on this site and one of our on-site advertising experts will promptly respond.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract for Display Ads?

Longer contracts for Display Ads can help to lower costs, but our advertising experts will help craft a program specifically for you if you want one ad or one hundred.

Are my Display Advertising opportunities limited?

The opportunities are limited only by the size of the Display Advertisements we offer and the position on each page that our research tells us will give the advertiser the maximum impact for their message.

Are my Display Ad images or messages limited?

Images or messages in ads must be consistent with the values of MaximusJobs.com. We reserve final review and approval of any communication on our site. Please see our Terms and Conditions section.

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